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Toilettenpapier Rewinder-Linie PCMC, AB 1650 mm #000222

PCMC 150 toilet paper rewinder, working width 1650 mm, year 1976–1995

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PCMC 150 toilet paper rewinder, working width 1650 mm, year 1976–1995

Price: SOLD
Year: 1976

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Technical Information

PCMC 150 toilet paper rewinder

  • working width 1650 mm
  • year 1976
  • perforation length 139 mm
  • sheet count multiples of 8
  • embossing equipment with plastic embossing sleeves
  • tail sealer LYNX (year1995)
  • log accummulator TICON (year 1990) for 250 Logs
  • 1 PCMC 90 log saw for 90 cuts/min. (cut-off length 115 and 108mm)
  • CASSOLI-wrapping machine PAC 691 RT (year 1991) incl. diverter 2/4
  • bundler
  • LYNX Beta (year 2000)

very good condition still in production

available from now

Brands and Keywords

This machine is: PCMC  |  More brands »

Keywords: 1976, lynx, prägestation, ticon  |  More keywords »


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