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1. 8 colour Flexoprinter MANZONI with Laminator and Sheeter inline TOP
8 colour Flexoprinting machine MANZONI with double Laminator and Sheeter Inline, for Product: paper – board laminated with P.E. by glue, Web width: 1000 mm, 2 unwind stands for laminated materials, more dates in Technical Info
/en/machines/print/roll-roll/flexo-ci/001147-8-colour-flexoprinter-manzoni-with-laminator-and-sheeter-inline »

2. 6 colour Flexo CI press UTECO RR 608, width: 800 mm
Flexopress UTECO RR 608 – 6 colour CI, roll to toll, central impression, printing width max: 800 mm, printing length max: 810 mm, min: 250 mm, more dates in Technical Info | 49 800 EUR
/en/machines/print/roll-roll/flexo-ci/001066-6-colour-flexo-ci-press-uteco-rr-608-width-800-mm »

3. 8 colour Flexoprinter CI Miniflex-SOMA VERKAUFT
Flexo printing machine SOMA Miniflex – 8 colours flexo, roll width (material) max: 850 mm, printing width max: 820 mm, Raport: 25–600 mm, more dates in Technical Info
/en/machines/print/roll-roll/flexo-ci/001126-8-colour-flexoprinter-ci-miniflex-soma »

4. 6 colour flexo CI printing machine LEMOFLEX VERKAUFT
6 colour flexo printing machine LEMOFLEX, printing on LDPE, LLDPE, PP and multilayer films , as well as cellulose, paper, printing width: 1300 mm, printing length: 300–800 mm, more dates in Technical Info
/en/machines/print/roll-roll/flexo-ci/001079-6-colour-flexo-ci-printing-machine-lemoflex »

5. 8 colour Flexo CI printing machine W+H Olympia 1478 VERKAUFT
FINANCING of this machine POSSIBLE- ASK FOR MORE! ask to To learn terms and price and whether it is possible for you, or for your cusomers. Ask for our offer for reinstalling …more in Tech. information below
/en/machines/print/roll-roll/flexo-ci/001084-8-colour-flexo-ci-printing-machine-wh-olympia-1478 »

6. 8 colour Flexo CI printing machine SCHIAVI Sigma GL - gearless VERKAUFT
8 colour Flexo CI printing machine SCHIAVI Sigma GL-gearless, working width: 530–1250 mm, printing width: 500–1220 mm, material: paper 80/120 g/m2, BOPP 15/80, more dates in Technical info | 499 000 EUR
/en/machines/print/roll-roll/flexo-ci/001107-8-colour-flexo-ci-printing-machine-schiavi-sigma-gl-gearless »

7. Flexo printing and laminating machine UTECO Coral 6 colour VERKAUFT
UTECO Coral – 6 colour flexo with inline solvent less lamination, web width max: 1300 mm, printing width: 1250 mm, central impression, 14 different laminating sleeves sizes ranging from 460–1020 mm, speed max: 200 m/min, more dates in Technical Info
/en/machines/print/roll-roll/flexo-ci/001091-flexo-printing-and-laminating-machine-uteco-coral-6-colour »

8. 8 colour flexo CI printing machine W+H NOVOFLEX Gearless VERKAUFT
8 colour flexo CI printing machine Windmoeller & Hoelscher NOVOFLEX GEARLESS, Film width: 1120 mm, Printing width: 1070 mm, Printing length: 300–760 mm, more dates in Technical Info | 480 000 EUR
/en/machines/print/roll-roll/flexo-ci/001038-8-colour-flexo-ci-printing-machine-wh-novoflex-gearless »

9. 8 colour Flexo CI printing machine W+H Primaflex CM gearless VERKAUFT
Flexoprinting machine Windmoller & Holscher Primaflex CM, year: 2005, 8 colour, roll to roll, gearless, central impression, film width max: 1320 mm, printing width max: 1270 mm, printing repeat: 370–800 mm, more dates in Technical info
/en/machines/print/roll-roll/flexo-ci/001055-8-colour-flexo-ci-printing-machine-wh-primaflex-cm-gearless »

10. 8 colour Flexo CI printing machine COMEXI FI-2508 VERKAUFT
Flexo printing machine Comexi FI-2508(central impression) gearless, Year: 2007, 8 colours, Film width max: 1320 mm, Printing width: 1270 mm, Printing repeat: 400–1350 mm, Mechanical speed: 400 m/min, more dates in technical info
/en/machines/print/roll-roll/flexo-ci/001054-8-colour-flexo-ci-printing-machine-comexi-fi-2508 »

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