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1. Sheeter - cross cutter JAGENBERG, working width: 2600 mm, up to 24 unwinding TOP
Sheeter Jagenberg for paper 18–250 g/m2, knife load cross cutter 200–800 g/m2, working width max: 2600 mm, up to 24 x unwinding, very good mainted, still in production, VIDEO… See below for more
/en/machines/refining/sheeter-cutter/sheeting-size-cutting/001141-cross-cutter-jagenberg-working-width-2600-mm-up-to-24-unwinding »

2. TATRAN block bottom paper bag producing maschine with 4 colors flexo printer TOP
TATRAN paperbag making machine, blockbottom paper bag with gusset / SOS bags for sugar, flour, salt…, with 4 colors inline flexoprinter SELLIER & BELLOT, more dates in Technical Info
/en/machines/packing/paper-packing/block-bottom/001140-bottom-paper-bag-producing-maschine-with-4-colors-flexo-printer »

3. Baby Diapers Making Machine PANOLINI 50 - half automat TOP
Baby diapers making machine Panolini 50, half automat, can produce diapers with size of Mini, Midi, Maxi ,Junior. See VIDEO: More dates in Technical info
/en/machines/hygiene/diapers-napkins/diapers/001139-baby-diapers-making-machine-panolini-50-half-automat »

4. Production of high quality rigid boxes PERONDI IA 630, SV 80, PA 60 TOP
Producing line for games, puzzles, rigid cardboard boxes – jewelry boxes, cosmetics boxes, chocolates and bottles boxes, retail gifts… – machines for production of high quality rigid boxes PERONDI IA 630, SV 80, PA 600 – more details in Technical Info
/en/machines/carton/slotter/box-maker-inliner/001138-of-high-quality-rigid-boxes-perondi-ia-630-sv-80-pa-60 »

5. HOBEMA Type 14, 5 color Flexographic printing machine - table napkin folder TOP
Flexographic printing machine HOBEMA type 14, table napkin producing machine, five coulour printing units, with embossing station, folding unit, tissue wrapping machine, operation formats: 330×330 mm and 300×300 mm, see more info in Technical dates
/en/machines/hygiene/folded-products/table-napkins/001137-14-5-color-flexographic-printing-machine-table-napkin-folder »

6. Spiral cardboard tube and cores producing machine Guschky – Kammann TOP
Complete plant for producing spiral cardboard core and tubes in sizes: diameter 10–160 mm, length 300 – 3000 mm, wall thickness of the finished tubes max 5 mm. Excellent condition.
/en/machines/carton/spiral-board/tubes-winder/001135-cardboard-tube-and-cores-producing-machine-guschky-kammann »

7. KROENERT PAK 600 parafining and hotmelt coating machine TOP
KROENERT PAK 600 for single and double-sided paraffin-coating of paper and wax lamination (alu/paper, OPP/paper, PET/paper…) and hotmelt coating of paper and different materials, more dates in Technical Info
/en/machines/refining/laminating/solvent-glue/001133-kroenert-pak-600-parafining-and-hotmelt-coating-machine »

8. Cerutti R 38 rotogravure printing press roll to roll, 6 colour TOP
Cerutti rotogravure printing press in top running condition, 6 colours, web width max: 1050 mm, for materials: BOPP, PET, Aluminium and laminated ALU/PAB, speed: 250 m/min, turret unwind and rewind, additional equipment… More in Technical Info
/en/machines/print/roll-roll/gravure/001131-cerutti-r-38-rotogravure-printing-press-roll-to-roll-6-colour »

9. Slitter rewinder MOELLER RW 800 - paper and film roll winding and cutting machine TOP
Roll winding machine coreless and with carboard core, materials for converting: Gift wrap paper, Film, Posters, Table-covers, Household paper, Shelf-liners, Packaging paper (Kraft paper), Wall paper, Self-adhesive film, ect. More dates in Technical Info
/en/machines/refining/slitter-rewinder/slitting-rewinding/001130-moeller-rw-800-paper-and-film-roll-winding-and-cutting-machine »

10. Baby Diapers Making Machine FCM Modo TOP
Baby diapers making machine FCM Modo, year 1993–2004, very good technical condition, high-quality products, Products: disposable baby diaper in following sizes: Junior, Maxi, Midi, Mini, more in Technical Info
/en/machines/hygiene/diapers-napkins/diapers/000083-baby-diapers-making-machine-fcm-modo »

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