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1. Shrink Wrapping Machine / Packaging Machine HUGO BECK Servo TOP
WE OFFER THIS RARE 2nd HAND SHRINK WRAPPING MACHINE Hugo Beck Servo X Packaging machine for packaging of envelopes (and similar products) in stacks with or without top sheet, more Details in Technical Info
/en/machines/packing/plastic-packing/sleeve-packing/001143-shrink-wrapping-machine-packaging-machine-hugo-beck-servo »

2. Production of high quality rigid boxes PERONDI IA 630, SV 80, PA 60 TOP
Producing line for games, puzzles, rigid cardboard boxes – jewelry boxes, cosmetics boxes, chocolates and bottles boxes, retail gifts… – machines for production of high quality rigid boxes PERONDI IA 630, SV 80, PA 600 – more details in Technical Info
/en/machines/carton/slotter/box-maker-inliner/001138-of-high-quality-rigid-boxes-perondi-ia-630-sv-80-pa-60 »

3. HOBEMA Type 14, 5 color Flexographic printing machine - table napkin folder TOP
Flexographic printing machine HOBEMA type 14, table napkin producing machine, five coulour printing units, with embossing station, folding unit, tissue wrapping machine, operation formats: 330×330 mm and 300×300 mm, see more info in Technical dates
/en/machines/hygiene/folded-products/table-napkins/001137-14-5-color-flexographic-printing-machine-table-napkin-folder »

4. Sheeteng & size cutting machine GRAFIMA for Copy paper
GRAFIMA -special CUT SIZE SHEETER for Copy paper A4, A3, A5– made in Germany, Web width max: 520 mm, Speed max: 200 m / min, Paper weight 70–120 g, more dates in Technical Info | 34 900 EUR
/en/machines/refining/sheeter-cutter/sheeting-size-cutting/001097-sheeteng-size-cutting-machine-grafima-for-copy-paper »

5. Laminator TUNKERS 1100 (sheet - sheet) VERKAUFT
Laminator TUNKERS 1100, semi-automat, sheet to sheet, year: 2002, sheet size min: 200×280 mm, sheet size max: 1100×1400 mm, more dates in Technical Info | 59 000 EUR
/en/machines/refining/laminating/sheet-sheet/001033-laminator-tunkers-1100-sheet-sheet »

6. Waste press - Baling press machine Paal Pacomat II VERKAUFT
Baling press machine – Waste press Paal Pacomat II, Tying system 4 times automatic horizontal (wire), Pressure: 27 T, Bale Dimensions: H=1000 mm x W=700 mm x L=variably adjustable, more dates in Technical Info
/en/machines/misc/waste-recycle/baling-press/000986-waste-press-baling-press-machine-paal-pacomat-ii »

7. Size cutter ECH WILL SLK 480 U + WRAPMATIC paper pack VERKAUFT
Size cutter ECH WILL SLK 480 U, YEAR: 1986, overhauled in 2005, It can cut 6 packs of A4, 5 packs of B4, 6 packs of F4 and 5 packs of A3 + WRAPMATIC AUTO WRAPPING PAPER PACK 10-DX, overhauled in 2005, more dates in Technical Info | 199 000 EUR
/en/machines/refining/sheeter-cutter/sheeting-size-cutting/000744-size-cutter-ech-will-slk-480-u-wrapmatic-paper-pack »

Two roll Gluer Senator 1000 with top glue unit, working width: 1000 mm, more in Technical Info
/en/machines/refining/laminating/case-cover-making/000596-gluer-senator-1000 »

9. Very special paper converting m/c HONSEL GF 1 VERKAUFT
Paper bag making machine, which had been converted to produce bed linen single use covering (protection) layers, similar to UNISAN products. The layers are made of PE-coated tissue with or without threads and with honeycombs | 9 950 EUR
/en/machines/hygiene/other/unsorted/000360-very-special-paper-converting-m-c-honsel-gf-1 »

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