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1. Slitter rewinder MOELLER RW 800 - paper and film roll winding and cutting machine TOP
Roll winding machine coreless and with carboard core, materials for converting: Gift wrap paper, Film, Posters, Table-covers, Household paper, Shelf-liners, Packaging paper (Kraft paper), Wall paper, Self-adhesive film, ect. More dates in Technical Info
/en/machines/refining/slitter-rewinder/slitting-rewinding/001130-moeller-rw-800-paper-and-film-roll-winding-and-cutting-machine »

2. 4 flexo colour F+K Express - Standard with Sheeter in-line TOP
F&K Express Standard Flexoprinter with sheeter inline, 4 colour Flexo roll to sheet or roll to roll, width 650 mm, printing and cutting length: 210 – 500 mm, more dates in Technical Info
/en/machines/print/roll-roll/flexo-stack/001087-4-flexo-colour-f-k-express-standard-with-sheeter-in-line »

3. Baby Diapers Making Machine FCM Modo TOP
Baby diapers making machine FCM Modo, year 1993–2004, very good technical condition, high-quality products, Products: disposable baby diaper in following sizes: Junior, Maxi, Midi, Mini, more in Technical Info
/en/machines/hygiene/diapers-napkins/diapers/000083-baby-diapers-making-machine-fcm-modo »

4. Slitter rewinder for gift- and wrapping paper, poster, wallpaper... TOP
Rewind, slitter and tagger – Servo controlled machine for automatic and coreless rewinding, slitting and tagging smaller rolls without a core (gift- and wrapping paper, posters…) More dates in Technical Info
/en/machines/refining/slitter-rewinder/slitting-rewinding/000911-slitter-rewinder-for-gift-and-wrapping-paper-poster-wallpaper »

5. High-Performance Sheeter HOBEMA 101 S (DIN A4) TOP
High-Performance Sheeter HOBEMA 101 S for the Production of A4 sheets. Cutting size A4 297×210 mm, Working width: 450 mm Cut-off length: 297 mm, all dates in Technical Info
/en/machines/refining/sheeter-cutter/sheeting-size-cutting/000873-high-performance-sheeter-hobema-101-s-din-a4 »

6. Valve bottomer Gartemann&Hollman Progress cement sack producing
Valve bottomer G+H Progress producing valve paper cement sack, sack length: 58–107/665–115,5 cm, sack width: 32–60 cm, more dates in Technical Info
/en/machines/packing/paper-packing/valve-bags/001124-valve-bottomer-gartemann-hollman-progress-cement-sack-producing »

7. Facial folding and rewinding machine for towels and facial tissue
This machine produce folded towels from crep and tissue fine facial (also reccycled) which are using MOSTLY as towels in Hospitals, 1–2 ply, five-way folding, Type-V-fold, more dates in Technical Info | 99 000 EUR
/en/machines/hygiene/folded-products/facial-tissues/001114-folding-and-rewinding-machine-for-towels-and-facial-tissue »

8. Sheeteng & size cutting machine GRAFIMA for Copy paper
GRAFIMA -special CUT SIZE SHEETER for Copy paper A4, A3, A5– made in Germany, Web width max: 520 mm, Speed max: 200 m / min, Paper weight 70–120 g, more dates in Technical Info | 34 900 EUR
/en/machines/refining/sheeter-cutter/sheeting-size-cutting/001097-sheeteng-size-cutting-machine-grafima-for-copy-paper »

9. Heidelberg Varimatrix 105 CSF Flatbed Die cutter - Automat
Heidelberg Varimatrix 105 CSF -Flatbed Die Cutting machine with hot foil module, Age: 2008/2009, Sheet size max: 75×105 cm, min: 35×40 cm, speed: 7500 sh/h, more dates in Technical Info
/en/machines/carton/diecutter/flatbed-autoplaten/001081-heidelberg-varimatrix-105-csf-flatbed-die-cutter-automat »

10. Sliting and rewinding machine TITAN SR5
Slitter rewinder TITAN SR5, working width: 1380 mm, speed: 300 m/min, 4 knife holder Tidland No.I, Material: foil, polyester films from 12 to 350 microns, more dates in Technical Info
/en/machines/refining/slitter-rewinder/slitting-rewinding/001045-sliting-and-rewinding-machine-titan-sr5 »

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