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1. Coupling and gluing automat ZECHINI ROBY ONE - not used TOP
Roby One can glue and couple paper, boards, tissues, plastic materials… and can produce a wide variety of products: game boards, photo albums atc… more dates in Technical Info
/en/machines/carton/folder-gluer/top-cover-box/000822-coupling-and-gluing-automat-zechini-roby-one-not-used »

2. Valve bottomer Gartemann&Hollman Progress cement sack producing
Valve bottomer G+H Progress producing valve paper cement sack, sack length: 58–107/665–115,5 cm, sack width: 32–60 cm, more dates in Technical Info
/en/machines/packing/paper-packing/valve-bags/001124-valve-bottomer-gartemann-hollman-progress-cement-sack-producing »

3. Window patcher KOHMANN FEMW-2
High output rotary window patching and lining machine KOHMANN FEMW-2, for paperboard corrugated (double and solid) 1200 g/m2, Size of paperboard max: 900×1080 mm, min: 80×100 mm, twin stream, more dates in Technical Info | 39 000 EUR
/en/machines/carton/folder-gluer/window-patcher/001105-window-patcher-kohmann-femw-2 »

4. Printer slotter / Inliner CURIONI 2800, 2 colour flexo
INLINER / PRINTER SLOTTER CURIONI 2800, from 1998/2004, 2 colour flexo folder gluer, size max: 1200×2780 mm, in production, good condition, machine manufactured in 98 and renewed in 2004, more dates in Technical Info | 89 000 EUR
/en/machines/carton/slotter/box-maker-inliner/001094-printer-slotter-inliner-curioni-2800-2-colour-flexo »

5. Folder gluer BOBST PCT 880
Folder gluer BOBST PCT 880, Working width (cut width) max: 880 mm, Cut length: 900 mm, Size min: 18×60 mm, Speed 300 m/min, Machine checked and painted.
/en/machines/carton/folder-gluer/gluer-tray-maker/000993-folder-gluer-bobst-pct-880 »

6. Box gluing and erecting machine KOHLER SK11
KOHLER SK 11 box gluer and erector, complete line, size max: 700×800 mm, min. 100×80 mm, height up to 210 mm for books and video slipcase, speed up to 4000 boxes/h
/en/machines/carton/folder-gluer/box-erecting/000974-box-gluing-and-erecting-machine-kohler-sk11 »

7. Folder gluing machine ESCOMAT 80 - 4 Points gluing
FOLDER GLUER ESCOMAT 80, year: 1974/2010 overhauled, painted, 4 points gluing (new equipped), 800 mm working width, OPTICAL-ELECTRONIC COUNTER, MIN SPEED: 1200 pcs/HOUR
/en/machines/carton/folder-gluer/gluer-tray-maker/000814-folder-gluing-machine-escomat-80-4-points-gluing »

8. Folder gluing machine KOHMANN Starlet S 520
Folder gluing machine KOHMANN Starlet S 520 for Straight-line gluing, blank width max. 52 cm, Excellent condition, rarely used, ready for demonstration, box sizes – see the picture (photo) | 39 500 EUR
/en/machines/carton/folder-gluer/gluer-tray-maker/000742-folder-gluing-machine-kohmann-starlet-s-520 »

9. Folder glueing mashine conical Trays GIETZ KK
Folder gluing machine for conical trays GIETZ KK – Tray errector, one lane operation, 4 + 8 point gluing, for single and double trays, blank size min-max: 100×100 – 600×400 mm, more dates in Technical Info
/en/machines/carton/paper-cup/paper-cup-making/000732-folder-glueing-mashine-conical-trays-gietz-kk »

10. BOX LINE PERONDI CRATHERN - rigid cardboard boxes
Boxes for luxury parfums and cosmetic boxes, rigid cardboard boxes for accessories PERONDI CRATHERN BOX LINE MODEL H 2000, box size: min: 130×50×15 mm, max: 430×305×50 mm, more in Technical Info
/en/machines/carton/slotter/box-maker-inliner/000685-box-line-perondi-crathern-rigid-cardboard-boxes »

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