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Berger & Becker window patcher #000107

Berger & Becker window patcher Year 1968

Berger & Becker window patcherZoom

Berger & Becker window patcher Year 1968

Price: SOLD
Year: 1968

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Technical Information

  • Max. size of sheet 90×108 cm

Brands and Keywords

This machine is: BERGER & BECKER  |  More brands »

Keywords: 1968, berger & becker window patcher year 1968  |  More keywords »


PLEASE ASK CONCRETELY WHAT YOU ARE MISSING under the technical data of this machine and we ask for YOU by the PREOWNER! • If You don't ask exactly which data are You interested in, You risk that Your inquiry only "for more information" WITHOUT YOUR SPECIFICATION will be NOT ANSWERED or will be answerd with a great delay! • THERE IS NO AUTOMATICAL REPEAT for answering Your questions!!!

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