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Papermaking Machines


Machines / Paper / Papermaking Machines

Used paper-making machines, incl. tissue & crepe paper, LWC offset paper, liner-fluting paper, medium paper, newspaper paper, pack paper or coated paper making machines & lines. Current offer in this group: 3 machines in 4 subgroups.

Subgroups in This Group:

Selected Machines From This Group:

Used VOITH complete paper production plant, width 1940 mm

1. VOITH complete paper production plant, width 1940 mm #000119

Complete Paper production plant including stock preparation and finishing, working width 1940 mm, Speed 20–280 m/min, Paper weight 40…

Year: 1972-90 Price: SOLD

Used Very Small Paper Making Machine

2. Very Small Paper Making Machine #000393

Very small pack paper making machine, Production: 40 – 160 g/m2 MG paper for bags, Capacity: 20 Tpd, face 1750 mm, dismantled, more d…

Year: Price: SOLD

No image available


Machine speed: 320 m/min, production speed: 300 m/min, paper web width trimmed: max.2.200 mm, Produced grades of paper: Creped papers…

Year: Price: SOLD

Did not you find in our stocklist exactly the machine you are looking for? Ask us, please! Maybe we have in present time for you new alternative, what we can kindly offer to you.

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