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1. W+D Reel-fed Envelope Machine HELIOS 102 - from roll
W+D Reel-fed Envelope Machine HELIOS 102, size range: min. 90×120 mm, max: 176×254 mm, Width of the window material reel: max. 220 mm, min. 30 mm, more dates in Technical Info
/en/machines/packing/paper-packing/mailbag-roll/000948-w-d-reel-fed-envelope-machine-helios-102-from-roll »

2. Coreless rewinder ELSNER + Rollpacker MAF RP 750 VERKAUFT
Small roll packing automat consist of: Elsner Coreless rewinder for consumer size roll products with Roll Packer MAF RP 750 (shrinking film+adhesiv label), more in Technical Info
/en/machines/refining/slitter-rewinder/slitting-rewinding/001039-coreless-rewinder-elsner-rollpacker-maf-rp-750 »

3. Slitter rewinder GOEBEL RAPID D-1250 with ADK2 VERKAUFT
Slitter rewinder GOEBEL RAPID D-1250 with ADK2, web width max: 1250 mm, shaftless unwind diam. max: 1300 mm, rewind diam max: 900 mm, it has 2 FLEXO PRINTING UNITS, more dates in Technical Info | 29 000 EUR
/en/machines/refining/slitter-rewinder/slitting-rewinding/000992-slitter-rewinder-goebel-rapid-d-1250-with-adk2 »

4. Laminator KARMA Plano-Mat VAB, sheet size max: 140x100 cm VERKAUFT
Laminator Sheet to sheet KARMA PLano-Mat VAB, Sheet size max: 140×100 cm, min: 60×50 cm, speed max: 2400 sheet/h, Mirus feeder working width max: 1420 mm, more dates in Technical Info | 25 000 EUR
/en/machines/refining/laminating/sheet-sheet/000942-laminator-karma-plano-mat-vab-sheet-size-max-140x100-cm »

5. Plastic bags making machine STIEGLER US 800 T VERKAUFT
Plastic bags making machine STIEGLER US 800 T for producing bags with carying handle from PE-LD and PE-HD, more dates in Technical Info
/en/machines/packing/plastic-packing/plastic-bags/000644-plastic-bags-making-machine-stiegler-us-800-t »

6. Wax Laminating and Coating Machine KROENERT VERKAUFT
Wax laminating machine KROENERT, working width max: 1270 mm, for dairy products, sweets, cosmetics products… see VIDEO:… more dates in Technical Info | 180 000 EUR
/en/machines/refining/cast-coater/wax-paraffin/000747-wax-laminating-and-coating-machine-kroenert »

7. Slitter rewinder for film, paper, LDPE, PP, BOPP... Arrow 475 VERKAUFT
Slitter rewinder Arrow 475, Circ. Knifes – for PAPER, PVC, LAMINATES ect…cca.16 pcs, Blade Knifes– for FILM, LDPE, PP, BOPP, HDPE, etc cca. 12 pcs, more dates in Technical Info
/en/machines/refining/slitter-rewinder/slitting-rewinding/000700-slitter-rewinder-for-film-paper-ldpe-pp-bopp-arrow-475 »

8. Automatic folder gluer EMBA - UVZ-RTZ VERKAUFT
Automatic folder gluer EMBA Type UVZ-RTZ, Working size max.: 2970×1250 mm, Working size min.: 470×200 mm, more in Technical Info | 35 000 EUR
/en/machines/carton/folder-gluer/gluer-tray-maker/000105-automatic-folder-gluer-emba-uvz-rtz »

CURIONI mod. 2800 NT CASEMAKER (2745×1200), vacuum feeder, 1 bottom flexo printing unit, the machine is dismanlted, more dates in technical info | 50 000 EUR
/en/machines/carton/slotter/box-maker-inliner/000534-curioni-mod-2800-nt-casemaker-2745x1200-dismantled »

10. Case maker CURIONI mod. 2800 NT VERKAUFT
CURIONI mod. 2800 NT casemaker size: 2745×1200 mm, vacuum feeder, 1 flexo printing unit, more dates in technical info | 69 000 EUR
/en/machines/carton/slotter/box-maker-inliner/000502-case-maker-curioni-mod-2800-nt »

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