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1. Offset printer Planeta Varimat VL 77 VC VD ALV 6+L VERKAUFT
Offset press 6 colour + Varnisher, Planeta Varimat VL 77 VC VD ALV 6+L, UV, hot air, IR drying, print on all cardboards (carton), more dates in Technical Info | 299 000 EUR
/en/machines/print/sheet-sheet/offset-on-plast/000554-offset-printer-planeta-varimat-vl-77-vc-vd-alv-6-l »

2. 4 colour offset printing machine KBA Rapida 104-4 VERKAUFT
Offset printing machine (Koenig & Bauer) KBA Rapida 104–4, 4 units, offset on paper sheet to sheet, printing size: 720×1040 mm, Year of Manufacture: 1989/1994 first in production, more dates in Technical Info | 138 000 USD
/en/machines/print/sheet-sheet/offset-on-paper/000507-4-colour-offset-printing-machine-kba-rapida-104-4 »

3. 5 colour with coater offset printer KBA Rapida 104-5+L, Pricereduction! VERKAUFT
Offset printing machine KBA Rapida 104–5+L PWHA ALV2, year 1997, sheet to sheet size: 740×1050 mm, 5-colour with couter, first time in production in Februar 1999, Impression: ca. 55 Milions, More in Technical Dates | 260 000 EUR
/en/machines/print/sheet-sheet/offset-on-paper/000057-with-coater-offset-printer-kba-rapida-104-5-l-pricereduction »

4. Offset Printer HEIDELBERG Speedmaster 74-4+LX VERKAUFT
Offset Printer HEIDELBERG Speedmaster 74–4+LX, Year 2002 | 0 EUR
/en/machines/print/sheet-sheet/offset-on-paper/000055-offset-printer-heidelberg-speedmaster-74-4-lx »

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