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1. Thermoforming machine ILLIG RDKP 54
Thermoforming machine Illig RDKP 54, TOP conditions, molding surface max. 500×380 mm, film width max: 540 mm, depth of draw neg. 100 mm, depth of draw pos. 100 mm, feed length max: 360 mm, more dates in Technical Info
/en/machines/foils/forming/form-fill-close/001023-thermoforming-machine-illig-rdkp-54 »

2. Thermoforming machine ILLIG RDKP 54 VERKAUFT
ILLIG RDKP 54, thermoform line, year: 1984, forming area max: 500×380 mm, foil width max: 540 mm, more dates in Englische version | 47 000 EUR
/en/machines/foils/forming/form-fill-close/000626-thermoforming-machine-illig-rdkp-54 »

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