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We have searched for the term “surface coating machine
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1. Full-Area Varnishing machine BILLHOEFER GULAMAT 5000 VERKAUFT
Full-Area Varnishing and coating machine BILLHOEFER GULAMAT 5000, Size max: 102×142 cm, material: cardboard up to 500 g/m2, IR, Hot-air and UV Dryer, more dates in Technical Info | 19 900 EUR
/en/machines/refining/varnish-coater/full-area/000996-full-area-varnishing-machine-billhoefer-gulamat-5000 »

2. Surface coating machine Steinemann Colibri 102S VERKAUFT
Steinemann Colibri 102S Surface Coating Machine, year: 2003, Max Sheet Size: 1020×1420 mm, Min Sheet Size 250×300 mm, in good condition, more dates in Technical Info | 125 000 EUR
/en/machines/refining/varnish-coater/full-area/000895-surface-coating-machine-steinemann-colibri-102s »

3. Laminator BILLHOEFER Gulamat 3500 DGTU 127 Coating & VERKAUFT
Full-Area Varnishing and surface coating machine BILLHOEFER Gulamat 3500 DGTU 127, laminator sheet to sheet, sheet size (min-max): 350×350 – 1250×1600 mm, more in Technical info | 11 600 EUR
/en/machines/refining/varnish-coater/full-area/000833-laminator-billhoefer-gulamat-3500-dgtu-127-coating »

4. UV Varnishing machine BILLHOEFER Pala-Speed M3-1200 VERKAUFT
Billhoefer UV Varnishing machine Pala-Speed M3–1200, sheet-feeder: Mabeg Spezial, Stacker: Gremser, Sheet size min: 22×31 cm, max: 112×112 cm, Excellent condition, more in technical Dates | 35 000 EUR
/en/machines/refining/varnish-coater/full-area/000571-uv-varnishing-machine-billhoefer-pala-speed-m3-1200 »

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