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1. Automatic die cutting machine TMZ 6000 E106 TOP
Automatic die cutting machine TMZ 6000, model E 106, max size: 76×106 cm, min. size: 45×45 cm, max pressure: 300 T, Thickness solid board up to 3 mm, Thickness corrugated cardboard up to 6 mm, speed max: 5500 sheets / hour, year: 1986,cleaned, checked
/en/machines/carton/diecutter/flatbed-autoplaten/001142-automatic-die-cutting-machine-tmz-6000-e106 »

2. Heidelberg Varimatrix 105 CSF Flatbed Die cutter - Automat
Heidelberg Varimatrix 105 CSF -Flatbed Die Cutting machine with hot foil module, Age: 2008/2009, Sheet size max: 75×105 cm, min: 35×40 cm, speed: 7500 sh/h, more dates in Technical Info
/en/machines/carton/diecutter/flatbed-autoplaten/001081-heidelberg-varimatrix-105-csf-flatbed-die-cutter-automat »

3. Label die cutter Blumer Atlas 140 KD18.1 size max: 20x20 cm
Label die cutter Blumer Atlas 140 KD18.1, year: 1992, size max: 200×200 mm, In protected storage and not under power. Can be inspected in as is condition | 22 000 EUR
/en/machines/carton/diecutter/flatbed-autoplaten/000976-label-die-cutter-blumer-atlas-140-kd181-size-max-20x20-cm »

4. Auto Platen Bobst SP 1120 E - 300T flatbed die cutter
Auto Platen Bobst SP 1120-E, 300T, flatbed die cutter, sheet size max: 800×1120 mm, Non stop feeder and delivery, 2 cutting chases, 4 cutting plates, more dates in Technical Info | 99 000 EUR
/en/machines/carton/diecutter/flatbed-autoplaten/000810-auto-platen-bobst-sp-1120-e-300t-flatbed-die-cutter »

5. Flatbed Die Cutter IBERICA JR 105 Automatic
Flatbed die cutter IBERICA JR 105 F – For actual offer, please click here:…05-f-automat
/en/machines/carton/diecutter/flatbed-autoplaten/000727-flatbed-die-cutter-iberica-jr-105-automatic »

6. Flatbed Die Cutter BOBST SA model SP 900 - TOP PRICED VERKAUFT
Flatbed Die Cutter BOBST SA model SP 900 for paper, board and corrugated. OLDER but CHEAP, TOP PRICED running machine! Sheet size max: 630×900 mm, min 350×295 mm, material thickness min: 90 gr/mq, max 1,5 mm, speed max: 5500 sh/h, more dates >>
/en/machines/carton/diecutter/flatbed-autoplaten/001148-flatbed-die-cutter-bobst-sa-model-sp-900-top-priced »

Flat-bed DIECUTTER ETERNA N1600 XR (IMG KLETT) Year 07/2012 with automatical prefeeder, sheet size max: 1600×1100 mm, cutting pressure max: 400 t, more dates in Technical info | 75 000 EUR
/en/machines/carton/diecutter/flatbed-autoplaten/001096-flat-bed-die-cutter-eterna-n1600-xr-img-klett »

8. Rotary DIE CUTTER "SCHULE" with 2 colour FLEXO printer VERKAUFT
Rotary DIe CUTTER SCHULE-Corteg with 2 colour FLEXO printer, Working width: 650–2900 mm, Corrugated board grades: B, C, EE, BE and BC, more dates in Technical info | 59 000 EUR
/en/machines/carton/diecutter/roll-diecutter/001076-rotary-die-cutter-schule-with-2-colour-flexo-printer »

9. Label printer and diecutter Gallus TCS 250, 4 col.+Varnisher VERKAUFT
Gallus TCS 250 Label printing and die cutting machine -letterpress 4 colors+Flexo Varnisher for printing and diecutting of garment label, in excellent condition from firstclass german printer, more dates in Technical Info | 44 000 EUR
/en/machines/print/roll-product/labels/001065-label-printer-and-diecutter-gallus-tcs-250-4-col-varnisher »

10. Rotary die cutter model 800 with 1 colour flexo in-line printer VERKAUFT
Rotary die-cutter with 1 colour in line random, friction fed 330 mm wide flexo printer, also canb be used as slitter rewinder for cash rolls, web width: 780 mm, more dates in Technical Info | 29 900 GBP
/en/machines/print/roll-product/labels/001056-rotary-die-cutter-model-800-with-1-colour-flexo-in-line-printer »

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