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1. Baby Diapers Making Machine PANOLINI 50 - half automat TOP
Baby diapers making machine Panolini 50, half automat, can produce diapers with size of Mini, Midi, Maxi ,Junior. See VIDEO: More dates in Technical info
/en/machines/hygiene/diapers-napkins/diapers/001139-baby-diapers-making-machine-panolini-50-half-automat »

2. Boardconverting (small gift boxes) and special paper bag machines (complet production with KNOW-HOW and customers) from Czech R.
Paper gift bags and paper gift boxes (rigid top cover making) production with plenty of materials, all wood forms for several sizes of boxes, one pallet of hot glue, all papers etc. More Dates in Technical Information | 99 000 EUR
/en/machines/carton/folder-gluer/rigid-cover-maker/000372-complet-production-with-know-how-and-customers-from-czech-r »

3. Semiautomatic Taper NEUBRONNER JETTACK System VERKAUFT
Semiautomatic Taper NEUBRONNER JETTACK System, year: 1984, size max: 4000×1800 mm, min: 450×300 mm, drawer max: 2020 mm. | 32 000 EUR
/en/machines/carton/other/unsorted/000549-semiautomatic-taper-neubronner-jettack-system »

4. Laminating machine TUENKERS, Semi-automatic VERKAUFT
Half automatic sheet to sheet laminating machine TUNKERS, Year 1993, Size: 110×160 cm, Max. working width 110 cm, more in Technical Info | 47 000 EUR
/en/machines/refining/laminating/sheet-sheet/000530-laminating-machine-tuenkers-semi-automatic »

5. Screen process printing machines - all machines together for TOP packet price VERKAUFT
List of all machines and small materials in Technical Info. By Your interess on a one or the other one machine please make Your Priceoffer | 55 000 EUR
/en/machines/print/other/screen/000490-printing-machines-all-machines-together-for-top-packet-price »

6. 5 colour with coater offset printer KBA Rapida 104-5+L, Pricereduction! VERKAUFT
Offset printing machine KBA Rapida 104–5+L PWHA ALV2, year 1997, sheet to sheet size: 740×1050 mm, 5-colour with couter, first time in production in Februar 1999, Impression: ca. 55 Milions, More in Technical Dates | 260 000 EUR
/en/machines/print/sheet-sheet/offset-on-paper/000057-with-coater-offset-printer-kba-rapida-104-5-l-pricereduction »

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