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1. Automatic Milk Pack printing & die cutting machine VERKAUFT
Automatic Milk Pack Printing and Diecutting Machine, Max speed: 10.800 pcs/hr, Manufactured and Overhauled by Korea NewTech Co. Ltd., Year approx: 2000, but overhauled completely recently, more in Technical Info | 255 000 USD
/en/machines/carton/paper-cup/paper-cup-making/000472-automatic-milk-pack-printing-die-cutting-machine »

2. Paper Bag Making Machine NEWLONG 335T VERKAUFT
Paper bag making machine NEWLONG 335-T, year 1999, block bottom bags making | 0 EUR
/en/machines/packing/paper-packing/block-bottom/000078-paper-bag-making-machine-newlong-335t »

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