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1. HOBEMA Type 14, 5 color Flexographic printing machine - table napkin folder TOP
Flexographic printing machine HOBEMA type 14, table napkin producing machine, five coulour printing units, with embossing station, folding unit, tissue wrapping machine, operation formats: 330×330 mm and 300×300 mm, see more info in Technical dates
/en/machines/hygiene/folded-products/table-napkins/001137-14-5-color-flexographic-printing-machine-table-napkin-folder »

2. Thermoforming machine ILLIG RDKP 54
Thermoforming machine Illig RDKP 54, TOP conditions, molding surface max. 500×380 mm, film width max: 540 mm, depth of draw neg. 100 mm, depth of draw pos. 100 mm, feed length max: 360 mm, more dates in Technical Info
/en/machines/foils/forming/form-fill-close/001023-thermoforming-machine-illig-rdkp-54 »

3. Label die cutter Blumer Atlas 140 KD18.1 size max: 20x20 cm
Label die cutter Blumer Atlas 140 KD18.1, year: 1992, size max: 200×200 mm, In protected storage and not under power. Can be inspected in as is condition | 22 000 EUR
/en/machines/carton/diecutter/flatbed-autoplaten/000976-label-die-cutter-blumer-atlas-140-kd181-size-max-20x20-cm »

4. BRAGERNES coreless rewinder for gift wrapping paper
BRAGERNES coreless rewinder for gift wrapping paper max. 800 mm width, the machine gets the roll totally ready to be delivered to the client (in shrinking film and with adhesiv label) more dates in Technical info
/en/machines/refining/slitter-rewinder/slitting-rewinding/000928-bragernes-coreless-rewinder-for-gift-wrapping-paper »

5. Business form printer 5 colour DRENT GÖBEL Gazelle 6B
Business form printer DRENT GÖBEL Gazelle 6B, number of colour units: 5 X 24 inch wet offset and 5 X 25 inch wet offset, printing width max. 482 mm, more dates and possibilities in Technical Info | 85 000 EUR
/en/machines/print/roll-product/forms/000842-business-form-printer-5-colour-drent-goebel-gazelle-6b »

6. Table napkin folder HOBEMA, 5 colour
HOBEMA napkin folder model 14H, year 1992, for size 33×33 and 40×40 cm, with 5-colour printing tower incl. printing units, embossing station with steel/steel, production speed up to 240 m/min, more in Technical Info
/en/machines/hygiene/folded-products/table-napkins/000234-table-napkin-folder-hobema-5-colour »

7. Boardconverting (small gift boxes) and special paper bag machines (complet production with KNOW-HOW and customers) from Czech R.
Paper gift bags and paper gift boxes (rigid top cover making) production with plenty of materials, all wood forms for several sizes of boxes, one pallet of hot glue, all papers etc. More Dates in Technical Information | 99 000 EUR
/en/machines/carton/folder-gluer/rigid-cover-maker/000372-complet-production-with-know-how-and-customers-from-czech-r »

8. LEHMACHER T-shirt carrier bag machine
shirt bags–welding machine to produce shirt carrier bags loose or blocked from suitable Polyethylen foil materials: LDPE, HDPE, LLDPE.., Year 1992, more in technical dates
/en/machines/packing/plastic-packing/t-shirt-bags/000287-lehmacher-t-shirt-carrier-bag-machine »

9. Spiral Core and Tube winding machine G+T
(The machine is reserved) Complete plant for producing spiral core and tubes Guschky and Tonnismann, Diameter of the finished tubes: 60–152 mm, length: 5 m (also longer), excellent condition, more dates in Technical Info
/en/machines/carton/spiral-board/tubes-winder/001015-spiral-core-and-tube-winding-machine-g-t »

10. Slitter Rewinder for GIFT WRAPPING PAPER with packing and labeling VERKAUFT
Slitter/Rewinder for GIFT WRAPPING PAPER with packing and labeling for sale at special price! Web Width – 12" (30.5 cm) to 30" (76.2 cm), Roll length: 6 feet to 25 feet (1,8 m to 7,6 m), more dates in Technical Info | 49 500 EUR
/en/machines/refining/slitter-rewinder/slitting-rewinding/001122-rewinder-for-gift-wrapping-paper-with-packing-and-labeling »

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